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                   for VB.NET



Facebook Client Library for VB.NET

by Jay Lagorio

This library can be used to interact with the final release of the Facebook API Version 1.0. After instantiation using the API key and the Secret key given by Facebook, all functions should work as the API documentation dictates. The basic idea during development of this library was to make it as easy as possible to connect to and manipulate the Facebook API from either desktop or web-based applications. There are a few things the library does to ease the use of the API on the consumer:

Note: Due to scheduling and time constraints, development on this library has been suspended. Because the Facebook Platform is very dynamic and constantly changing, I can no longer make any guarantees that this library works at all. Additionally, support can no longer be provided.

  1. In profiles, all of the "Other Functionality link are properly assigned for that profile.
  2. When logging in, you really only need to call authGetToken and authCreateSession, checking to be sure that authCreateSession returns True. You need not save the authentication token returned from authGetToken since that is saved within the class.
  3. usersGetInfo, friendsAreFriends, friendsGet, groupsGet, eventsGet, photosGetTags, photosCreateAlbum, and photosUpload have been implemented as indicated in the API, but have been extended to support one-off calling. Rather than putting an array together to see if two people are friends, to get a single profile or group, or to quickly upload a photo,the functions can be called with a single ID string and a single return object or called with just a caption and a Bitmap object.
If you decide to use this library in an application, please give credit in the documentation, in the about screen, on the web site, or in some other place.


  • Version 1.0 (8/20/2006) -
        Initial Release
  • Version 1.1 (8/30/2006) -
        Added support for new profile attributes such
        as profile_update_time, significant_other_id,
        and relationship_status.
  • Version 1.15 (9/1/2006) -
        The library now works with both web-based and
        desktop applications without any modifications.
  • Version 1.2 (9/27/2006) -
        Updated the usersGetInfo method and the
        FacebookProfile structure with new fields as
        outlined in the update made on September 26,
        2006. The getWallCount function was eliminated as
        suggested by the same update. sessionPing and
        friendsGetAppUsers were also implemented. The XML
        Parsing function was updated to handle the new
        typing-attributes assigned to many tags.
  • Version 1.3 (11/9/2006) -
        Added the friendsGetRequests method, newly
        added to the API, and added optional parameters
        for getting the login address as implemented
        by Facebook on 11/6/2006.
  • Version 1.4 (3/21/2007) -
        All functionality has been updated to support
        functionality present in the final release of
        Facebook API 1.0. New functionality includes
        the ability to submit raw FQL statements and
        receive the XML results, convert old FB API IDs
        to new IDs, and closer control over group and
        event information. What hasn't been implemented
        (yet) includes uploading and tagging photos, but
        but this will come shortly.
  • Version 1.41 (5/27/2007) -
        Fixed an infinite loop bug in the
        ParseFacebookError function.
  • Version 1.45 (5/28/2007) -
        This version is designed to work in web-based
        solutions with better performance due to the
        addition of the CurrentSession property, which
        allows the consumer to save a structure with all
        necessary session information between pages
        instead of saving the whole instance in a session
        variable. Infinite sessions have been implemented
        by passing a parameter to the UserLogonURL
        property during logon and letting the consumer
        check with the InfiniteSession property.
        Exceptions have been improved to include the
        error message from the Facebook servers.
  • Version 1.47 (5/29/2007) -
        All functions in the photos namespace have
        (finally) been implemented, including photo
        uploading. The profile namespace has also been
        implemented although it doesn't seem to have much
        of an effect at this point since it returns fine
        but doesn't actually change anything.
        Finally, some structure members have had their
        names changed to be consistant in all parts of
        the library, for instance UID is now UserID. This
        was as a result of many people noting the
        inconsistencies throughout the library.
  • Version 1.48 (7/1/2007) -
        A bug in a photosUpload was fixed where captions
        were not assigned to uploaded photos. Also added
        was the ability to use the "bestserver.php" entry
        point and all of the functions in the feed
        namespace so newsfeed items can be posted.
  • Version 1.75 (12/27/2007) -
        Implemented the FBML namespace and Extendend
        Permissions, including a property to generate
        links asking for permissions. Also implemented:
            profile.setFBML (update for 1/17/2008)
            profile.setMobileFBML (helper function)
        Additionally, the bug that confused sought gender
        and the user's gender has been fixed and a
        reference to System.Drawing has been added. This
        version compiles under Visual Studio 2008.
  • Version 1.80 (1/25/2007) -
        Fixed an oversight where the is_app_added data in
        a person's profile was not asked for, and
        implemented the entire pages namespace. The
        feed.publishTemplatizedAction method was also
        changed and overloaded based on new policies.
Jay Lagorio
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